Investment Advisory Services

Dominion Financial Consultants partners with Wilbanks, Smith, and Thomas Asset Management to provide comprehensive fee-only advisory services to our investment clients.  We serve as fiduciaries for our clients and work to reduce risk and enhance returns in helping our clients achieve their financial objectives.  We do this by gaining a clear understanding of our clients’ tolerance for various types of risk and their time frames for achieving stated goals.

Our philosophy is simple:  customize and diversify.  By customizing our clients’ portfolios, the allocation can reflect the individual’s risk tolerance, return objectives, liquidity needs and investment horizon.  We believe that most investors will benefit in the long-run from a well-diversified portfolio.  We do not believe in or use market timing or similar transaction-based techniques as no study has shown that market timing works over longer time frames.  We focus our efforts on long-term investment strategies and employ more sophisticated and proven wealth management techniques.  Equity and fixed income segments can be customized to achieve long terms goals.

Our status as an investment advisor enables our clients to access institutional money managers, investment vehicles, and funds not generally available to retail investors.  Serving as a “fee-only” investment advisor enables us to access additional investment offerings, vehicles, funds and strategies.

We hold our client accounts at the Institutional Division of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.  We will consider other custodians that can provide comparable services.  We strive for the highest level of personal service and client satisfaction.